Holiday Stress - How do you cope?

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Hey friends!

It’s Christmas time!! And the binge eating and drinking continues, although I think I’ve successfully attended all the necessary work holiday parties! Phew!

Despite the ongoing allotment of cookies, this week I had a PR! I did 18 double a row! My goal is 25 and I was so close! I blame it on my backwards movement. I start in one spot and end up 6 feet behind that my jump rope hit the pull up rig! I’ll pretend to blame it on that but I was really tired haha!

So maybe it’s the holiday, maybe it’s me but I just have not had anytime to make it to the gym...which SUCKS! I got called into work. Internal dilemma, say I can’t work because I have “stuff” to do or help out my co­ workers and be available for my patients who need my help? It’s so bad for me mentally when I can’t get to the gym and take care of myself. It’s kinda been a pretty horrible few weeks. I’ve been trying to learn my new work position, working overtime every week, holiday stress and not going to the gym. I’ve lost my positive outlet which makes me insane. It’s amazing how just spending an hour a day on “you” improves your quality of life. Kudos to you all who make it to the gym despite all the struggles in your life. I’m trying to tell myself, if I had to work at 8 or 9am, I’d happily get to deco at 530 or 630am but it’s literally impossible when work starts at 645 or 7am. How does everyone cope with 11­12 hour days and making it to the gym? I made it to a wod last week at 630 and was delighted Tillie was there to rock it with me! But I’m not going to lie.:. That’s a long day! To work at 7am, wod at 630pm, home at 8..repeat?

I feel like I’m taking crazy person anti­work­out pills!! It’s the holidays I hope!!

I sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!!!
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