• By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
One of my favorite things to do when traveling is visit other CrossFit gyms. As an owner, I pick up on small nuances that make each gym unique and get ideas on ways I might be able to improve DeCO – be it the aesthetics of the space, the coaching, the community events, marketing, etc. And one of my favorite things to hear when you members travel is that you visit other CrossFit gyms – not only does this mean you are prioritizing your fitness while out of town, but you also get to be my eyes and ears and provide feedback on what you like/dislike about the way other places are run.

I am confident that when DeCO athletes walk into another CrossFit gym, you work to YOUR individual capacity and know when/how to scale, you don’t shave reps just to “win” the workout and in, in my mind, the most important quality of all, you maintain integrity in your form and don’t compromise form/safety. This may mean you don’t finish first. In fact, this may mean you finish last. And it may also mean you don’t get to report a score of “Rx.”

Guess what?

That makes me really REALLY proud.

I have never been in the business of producing the best athletes.

I have always been in the business of producing hard­working, friendly, safe and honest athletes.

So, keep it up, DeCO! Maintaining a high standard may get frustrating at times, but I am unwavering in my opinion that a workout with integrity IS a “winning” workout.

– Leslie
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