Kristine's Journey - Week 2!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
It’s the end of week 2...I need a nap...contrary to popular belief, I am 35 years young. I’m no spring chicken people. I’m falling apart at the seams! but I love CrossFit..the excitement of each WOD...How about the filthy fifty re­test? Whyyyyy God?????? ok, next topic.

I’ve been battling some injuries and it’s super frustrating. I’ve had some ongoing neck pain, which seems fine this week but now I’m struggling with some shoulder issues, really sharp pain in my shoulders. It’s hard to refrain from Rx’ing WOD’s but I’ve simply have to remind myself that it’s acceptable to scale the weight down.But I have a hard time delineating what I can do vs. what I should do?

Shopping. That’ll make me feel better? Then I realize...I hate shopping. Nothing else brings me closer to tears than shopping for clothes. A lil’ trip to Old Navy just about ended me yesterday. Here I am, filling up my cart with all types of clothes and I leave with ONE item. I dont understand any of this? First of all, Blouses? So confusing. I tried several on and it was awful. David had to help me take it off because I thought I was going to rip the sleeves off. It’s like trying to take off your sports bra after arm day...Skinny jeans. yeah, nope. My buns were not made to fit in any type of jean called “skinny.” If my calves are lucky enough to fit, I have to buy the next size up for my butt then the waist doesn’t fit...OMG and so on and so forth. They’re made of spandex so I may as well wear yoga pants. Layering? So I have to wear tights and a skirt and a tank top, a blouse, a sweater, a jean jacket, boots, a scarf and a bra. sweet mother. I guess, regardless of what the fashion is..I don’t like it on me. That’s the bigger issue. Me yesterday :
I am “lucky” enough to wear scrubs on a daily basis, but that only affords me the luxury of wearing pants with a draw string, looking like I have pajamas on all day and be covered in dog hair. Then real life happens and you have to dress like an adult and you realize 60% of your wardrobe is scrubs. 20% is workout clothes, 10% hoodies, 5% t-shirts, 3% miscallenous pants and the other 2% is socks. It’s all wrong. When did getting dressed become so complex?
Didn’t I say I was going to stop making excuses? hmmm, I’m not there yet. I’m a real procrastinator. To the tune of buying a gift for my holiday work party 5 minutes before the party started. I continue to procrastinate about eating clean again. I think about it a lot but seem to carry on with bad food choices routinely. On a positive note, I did not eat pizza this week #truth

Sooo, I want to start the whole 30 in January. January 5th to be exact. Why the 5th, because one can simply not start the W30 on NY day...I did the W30 once before. Survived, partially due to the amazing support system of David and Amber. During that time I realized how much my food choices impact my performance. I was full of energy in the beginning. Although towards the end I did crash. I think I was overworked and not keeping up with my carbs. This time I want to add some new food items and recipes to keep it interesting. If anyone is interested..Let me know!

I hope to see everyone Thursday for the Turkey Day WOD!! I’m grateful to have each and everyone one of you in my life!

I’ll sign off with my favorite song of the day. A little Bliss­n­Eso aussie hip hop to get you jazzed up­Sdrzpqc
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