Kristine's Journey - Week 3!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
My recent injuries really have me thinking...what drives me to do crossfit. What motivates me..the feeling of completing a WOD, gym silence, except some panting and weird noises, mostly from Amber, new friends, cf dogs, the happiness I get from seeing people improve week to week or a new PR. But I am really trying to wrap my head around my long term goals, blog aside. I like competition (a lot) but realistically I am not going to the cf games. I really enjoy in­house comps and wouldn’t mind doing other local comps. But I feel like I need a walker and calcium pills with a warm glass of milk...

So how much is too much when dealing with an injury? This isn’t just filthy 50 sore muscles, which I truly enjoy.. this is ongoing shoulder pain, sharp, paralyzing at times with a side of crunchy. I truly want to heal. And that lead me to taking nearly a week off. It sucks and makes me suuuuper sad but I need rest. I wonder how injuries impact other people. Please let me know! We can share an ice pack and a bottle of Aleve and pepcid. And whiskey.

Found this adorable, yet very true article..­crossfit

This past week was thanksgiving and as we all recover from multiple days of food comas, I can reflect on how many great people I have in my life. I don’t have a huge friend base, but the ones I have are awesome. Even through distance and time, when we reunite it’s like we hung out yesterday. Whether on the phone or in person...Sometimes there are stories, sometime s for miles and other times tears of happiness. I am truly blessed. What makes a really good friend? For me, a supportive through thick and thin kinda person.. I get that life is hard sometimes but we are all adults and life gets busy.. But I’m still here. Your friend.
Many of these friends have children. I enjoy kids but I just don’t want my own. This is a conscious choice but I’m starting to think that’s not normal. Mutually, Dave and I feel enriched and happy with our current state. “but who’s gonna take care of you when you get old?’ people ask...Frankly, I don’t know. Probably a god damn robot the way this society is going. My phone is smarter than most people I know. But I know I’m not going to have a baby to fulfill some unspoken obligation or because people say dave and I would have cute babies. (#obvi) I hope there are other people in their mid 30’s, whom are in love and only want cats and dogs to share their lives...totally normal right? So enough about this...
This week I was also lucky enough to touch the lives of many people and their pets. What an amazing feeling!

Hope to see everyone soon.. Cant wait to buy the new DeCo calendar! whoaaaa mama!!
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