Kristine's Journey - Week 4!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
It feels good to be back. After my many day hiatus, I started things off right with some DeCO Yoga. This was my second time ever doing yoga, so I was pretty excited to have Lisa L. show up and tell me she’d only ever done yoga once before too. The stretching was absolutely necessary after sitting around nursing my shoulders. Frankly, I’m not sure if I “like” yoga! I so badly want to like it, but the breathing and concentration is the hardest for me. The final pose, Savasna (also known as the corpse pose!!!) is so challenging. It’s the final relaxation where you clear your mind and process what you just learned in class. Its really hard to clear my mind and only focus on breathing....not my grocery list, financial issues, work stress, how handsome David is, the DeCO calendar and so on....Here’s what I remember from class..I did warrior 2 and don’t remember doing warrior 1?, I made a triangle out of my body, I did a chatarunga (YES I googled that word! Still not sure what it means) Lisa and I made pretty solid attempts to stand on one foot and we did a baby’s pose which I felt pretty ridiculous doing...but it was a great stretch! 2 thumbs up. 
So then I was all warmed up for open gym! Weird or not? Cause seems like some people get to relaxed to lift heavy weights after yoga...Amber!! But I just felt like it was a sweet one hour warm up. I made my first attempt to un­learn my bad bad technique. This is when I go crazy. I’m super lucky though to have great coaches who take the time to help me learn. Baby steps. If I had to do a hang power clean in 4 steps, I swear I’d nail it! But connecting it all! OMG. My brain meltsdown.. I freeze in the high hang too because I want to wind up into the bar but am working on figuring out this triple extension thing. The power when I can get those lovely hips involved is going to be ahhhhhmazing! Holding out hope. Patience. that’s a thing right?

I did part of the benchmark. It kinda seemed like the benchmark was tailored to my goals, hmmmmmm odd. I decided to not do the 1RM part because my old shoulders didn’t like that idea. I was happy the Precious Baby was doing this WOD too!! 1000M row and double unders in 7 minutes. I finished my row in 4:18 and did 35 DU in the remaining time. DU make failure painful, literally LOL! So much jump rope lashing! Mad props thought to PB who did, ohhhhh 200+ DU after he smashed his row in 3:30. No biggie!

Today we did a DU tabata. I almost did 100 and felt pretty good! I don’t think I wanna know what I look like while im doing them because im sure I don’t breathe and look ridiculous! And keep my eyes closed, why?!!
Anywho, I’m off to start my week off right. Wednesday is my new Monday! I’ve got a pretty busy week ahead of me, so did some food prep tonight. Something tells me I will still want pizza or cereal for dinner by Friday. Must fight the urge!!! Im just hoping I can walk tomorrow after sixty 80lb front squats today which I politely swapped for OH squats! That coupled with my set of two 165 lb back squats! So fantastic! I love heavy weights!

So sleep tight my friends! And dream of puppies and kittens and cross fit!! I know I will
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