Kristine's Journey - Week 5

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Somehow I managed to only work out twice this week.

From missing wods to working almost 55 hours in the last week, I didn’t take great care of myself...Work has been so busy. And our loving clients love nothing more than to make cookies of many varieties for the holiday. I’ve sampled many cookies and whatnots this week...While I’m looking forwards to Christmas, I’m looking more forward to no more god damn cookies everywhere I go! Truth be told, I could strengthen my will power but I’m being a total pushover. I think its ok to indulge here and there but seems so much harder this time of year. On a positive note, I got to see a lot of my favorite patients!!

Todays Wod felt like a 2 for 1. Slam balls... First of all, I broke a nail. And I mean, bent it completely backwards trying to scoop up that 30 lb ball so I didn’t get “no repped.” what I learned? Seems I need to keep my nails shorter or not do slam balls. You decide..prob keep short nail. Then...Running outside in December. I may have had an outburst. My apologies. So it went like this, 200 m run and max effort slam balls in 2 mins. Repeat 4 times. Where stuff went really wrong...No break in­between rounds? Must have been a typo.

The warm up should have been the wod! Cause then there was a chipper, which is typically my favorite style wod. My metabolic conditioning was at a C­ today. I just felt so fatigued. If only I could string along more than 2 kipping pull-ups, I woudn’t have to get on and off the bar so many times. Soon grasshopper. Hoping to get better sleep this week, eat healthier and less sugar (which will make my dentist happy) and have less stress!

So this is going to be a short one today my friends...My little visit to the dentist today has left my face numb and my Hope everyone gets their holiday shopping done soon! I know I haven’t started...See you at the Gym!
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