Look at all the nice things our members have to say!
"Amazing coaches who truly know what they are doing and are always willing to help you with your form (actually, they insist to make sure you are doing everything safely!). Very warm and welcoming environment with lots of awesome members. CrossFit DeCO is a great gym regardless of your athletic abilities OR even lack of athletic abilities with a supportive group of members and coaches. There is a free class on Saturday mornings where you can see how awesome it is for yourself!"

- Kristi
"I wanted you to know how much I really enjoy everything at DeCO. The progress I’ve made the last six/seven months is remarkable. I’ve made all this progress with all the coaches at DeCO helping me. I need to remember you all have my best interest in mind. I’m 100% behind whatever you all recommend. Thanks for being great."

- Doug
"Great gym, great community. If you’re intimidated by CrossFit, check out DeCO. Coaches are supportive and help you do things safely and correctly. Not a meat heady environment at all. Workouts are varied and challenging. The community here is fantastic. Everyone encourages you to work harder and be better."

- Kyle
"I happened upon CrossFit DeCO because it was in my neighborhood and decided to try a Saturday drop-in class. After one time, I was hooked. The coaches are AMAZING–they attend to every individual person in each class and help them to improve in every workout. The community is also terrific! All the members want each other to succeed! There are also added benefits of chiropractic services (at a discount to members) and massage (also at a discount for members) on site. I think that you would also LOVE CrossFit DeCO. Drop in for a FREE Saturday class! You won’t be disappointed!"

- Carla
"I started CrossFit a few months back at Leslie’s gym and absolutely love it. The CrossFit DeCO facility is one of the nicest, cleanest and well kept CrossFit gyms I have ever seen. The trainers are amazing, thoughtful and knowledgeable. If you are looking to get in shape, meet like minded people, push your self and have fun, I highly recommend this CrossFit Gym."

- Dan
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