The workout for 1/2/17 is...                                             

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 02 Jan, 2017

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The workout for 1/2 is...

Happy First WOD of the New Year!

Bring a friend to any class today for free! No CrossFit experience required! Sign up at

The CrossFit Games Open is around the corner! We see rowing every year, and let's admit it: we dread it every year. Learn to row more efficiently and strengthen your rowing game before the open with our 6-week rowing clinic!

Partner Filthy Fifty! You may break up the reps any way you'd like, but you must start at the top and move on only once you've finished all 50 reps of a movement. Only one person working at a time. One person may do a run/row while the other works at reps, until all reps and all 2017 meters are completed:

- 50 Box Jumps (20/24)
- 50 Jumping Pull Ups
- 50 KB Swings (35/25)
- 50 Walking Lunges
- 50 Knees to Elbows
- 50 Push Press
- 50 Supermans (Supermen? Superpeople?)
- 50 Wall Balls (20/14)
- 50 Burpees
- 50 Double Unders
**At any point, you must accumulate 2017m of running/rowing. May split up any way you'd like!

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