The workout for 10/2/17 is...                                      

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 02 Oct, 2017

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The workout for 10/2 is...


In celebration of DeCO’s upcoming 5th bday, we will be awarding raffle tickets from now until the party on Oct 21st! The more you participate, the better your chances at winning! Look for more details soon, but let’s start today: Do the programmed accessory work, get 1 ticket. Hold on to your tickets! Raffle drawing will take place on the 21st!

3 Rounds for Quality:
- 20 GHD Sit Up or 30 Ab Mat Sit ups
- 10 Reverse Lunges Right, with knee up (holding 2KBs in front rack)
- 10 Reverse Lunges Left, with knee up (holding 2KBs in front rack)
- 10 Strict Chin Ups
(20 minutes)
8 minute AMRAP:
- 8 KB Thrusters R (53/35)
- 8 KB Thrusters L (53/35)
- 1 Bear Crawl down/back (5 mats each way)
Accessory Work:
- 3x10 Barbell Roll Outs

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