The workout for 10/27/16 is...                                    

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 27 Oct, 2016

Check our daily Facebook post to see today's WOD always posted at 4:45am

Remember that we must have your updated info in Zen Planner by the end of this week! You may bring your info to the gym and we can update it for you. Email Leslie or Emily with any questions!

We will set new benchmarks the week of 10/31 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Monday, 10/31 is Halloween! Come dressed in costume for our annual pumpkin WOD!

BRO SESH DAY. There is no Metcon today. Focus on raw strength and excellent technique.

6x3 Pause Front Squat. Pause in the bottom for 3 full seconds. Add weight each time. Rest 2 min between sets

4x5 Bench Press. After each set, do a set of 2x 6-10 second negative pull ups. For assistance, use your toes/feet on a box and assist yourself as little as possible to make for a challenging 6 seconds decent.

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