The workout for 10/6/17 is...                                     

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 06 Oct, 2017

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The workout for 10/6 is...

**New Class Announcements!

*Weekday Open Gym Membership (2-4pm) starts Monday, 10/9.

Our focus for week 1 is: Strict Pull-ups with coach Ben
We will be working on maintaining the optimal body position (vertical chest), how to pull with the elbows, and how to help make the last 1/3 of the pull-up easier. Be ready to feel how much core you need for strict pull-ups!

Want to give this new Open Gym a try? Email to get signed up!

**OLY!  We will be starting a new OLY Cycle Monday, October 16th! Those with Unlimited memberships will be able to drop in to OLY class as an 8-week commitment is no longer a requirement. You must have 3+ months of CrossFit experience to participate in the OLY class.

4 Rounds:
- 3 Back Squat + 2 Front Squat. Build each time to find heaviest
(20 minutes)

- Back squats (95/65) (cannot drop bar off back)
- Push Press (95/65)
Cash out: 800m Run (400x2)
(9 minute cap on the barbell section). Reps should be performed pretty much unbroken.
Accessory Work:
3 minute AMRAP: - 10 Russian Twists (total) + 10 Superman

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