The workout for 10/9/17 is...                                     

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 09 Oct, 2017

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The workout for 10/9 is...

RETEST WEEK! Make sure you show up Tuesday and Friday to re-test: Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, Strict Pull Ups and "DT"!

Today we begin our new weekday open gym times! This week's focus: impoving your strict pull-up game. Interested in the open gym membership? Email!
Every 2 min for 10 min (5 rounds) choose:
A. 20’ Handstand Walk (aim for unbroken)
B. 40s Free-standing HS Hold Practice (scissor kicks)
C. 40s HS Hold against the wall

12 minute AMRAP:
- 12 Alternating KB Snatches (total) 53/35
- 6 Front Rack KB Squat Right
- 6 Front Rack KB Squat Left
- 12’ HS Walk (2 mats) Mod: 1 Wall walk to 10s HS Hold with perfect shape

Accessory Work:
2 min plank hold: 0-:30 hold left foot off ground, :30 - :60 hold right foot off ground, :60-:90 hold left hand off ground, :90-1:20 hold right hand off ground

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