The workout for 12/29/16 is...                                              

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 29 Dec, 2016

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The workout for 12/28 is...

On Monday 1/2, bring a friend to any class for free! No CrossFit experience required! Sign up at

The CrossFit Games Open is around the corner! We see rowing every year, and let's admit it: we dread it every year. Learn to row more efficiently and strengthen your rowing game before the open with our 6-week rowing clinic!

200m Double Waiter Walk for time. This is a KB in each hand. Choose a weight that allows you to keep moving with minimal rest breaks.

For time:
- 50 Back Rack Lunges (total) 45/35
- 40 Toes to Bar
- 30 Back Rack Lunges (96/65)
- 20 Clapping Push Ups
- 10 Back Rack Lunges (135/95)
(14 minute cap)

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