The workout for 3/14/17 is...                                                              

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 14 Mar, 2017

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The workout for 3/14  is...

There are certain things in life that are guarantees. Wall Balls, Double Unders and HSPU in the CrossFit Open are three of them. Let’s practice, shall we?

15 minutes to work on Ring Muscle Ups. Because these, while not guaranteed, are likely to show up as well. Some options:

1. 3x10 Kipping swings on rings (start here if muscle ups are new - kipping on rings feels very different than on a bar). Follow each set up with a set of 10 dips on rings, bars or a bench
2. 3x7- Banded muscle up transitions on low rings
3. 3x3 Strict Muscle Ups OR Strict Muscle Up Negatives
4. 3x5 Kipping Muscle Ups

For Total Reps of Each Movement (1 number for WBs, 1 number for DUs, 1 number for HSPU)
- 90s Wall Balls (30/20), 30s Rest
- 90s Double Under, 30s Rest
- 90s HSPU, 30s Rest
- 60s Wall Balls (30/20), 30s Rest
- 60s Double Under, 30s Rest
- 60s HSPU, 30s Rest
- 30s Wall Balls (30/20), 30s Rest
- 30s Double Under, 30s Rest
- 30s HSPU, 30s Rest

Accessory Work: 1 mile cool down Row or Run

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