The workout for 5/11/16 is...                                          

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 11 May, 2016

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The workout for 5/11 is...
Reminder to sign up for yoga at before 5:30pm tonight for our 5:45pm Thursday night yoga class! You can also sign up for Office Hours there with coach Lisa this week!

Mobility Time!

2 Rounds in teams of 2:
3 minutes at each station. Rest 1 minutes between stations and between Rounds.

- Ab Mat Sit Ups (partner holds L sit on bar. As soon as partner drops, must switch positions)
- Atlas stone to shoulder (partner holds Handstand or extended plank. As soon as partner comes down/drops to knees, must switch positions) 95/70
- Toes to Bar (partner holds bottom of goblet squat. Once elbows touch knees or partner comes out of squat, must switch positions)

Score is total reps at each station (one score for sit ups, one score for stones, one score for toes to bar)

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