The workout for 6/12/17 is...                                         

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 12 Jun, 2017

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The workout for 6/12 1s...

New Benchmarks! We will set new benchmarks today, tomorrow and Friday! Remember to also record your scores in Beyond the Whiteboard. You have a free account as a part of your DeCO membership! Need the link to sign up? Email

Benchmark # 1: “Helen"
- 400m Run (out the front door, in the back door, through alley)
- 21 KBS (53/35)
- 12 Pull Ups (ring rows). May also mod with doing 1/2 reps strict/kipping
(15 min cap)
(Not part of benchmark)
Double Tabata:
- Ab Mat Sit Ups
- Hollow Hold
Score is # of sit ups total

Accessory Work:
- Accumulate 3 minutes in a wall sit. Focus on keeping your low back pinned to the wall and your belly button pulled in.

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