The workout for 6/28/17 is...                                          

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 29 Jun, 2017

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The workout for 6/28 is...

July 4th Schedule: We will have one class at 10am - it'll be a fun one...hehe.
Minute 1: 40s Double KB Front Rack Hold (choose weight which allows you to keep form/not let elbows drop) for all 5 rounds. This is standing, not in the bottom of the front squat.

Minute 2: 40s Hanging L-sit hold/knee raise hold

Minute 3: 5 Deadlifts @ 80% of your 3RM. These should not be touch and go, but a quick reset each time.

Minute 4: 4 Shuttle Runs (down/back = 1) or modify to finish in ~40s

Minute 5: 5 Deficit Strict HSPU (mod to 2x 6 second HSPU negatives. Pike position if you’re unable to control the entire way down using only 1 ab mat at the most)

Minute 6: 8/6 Tire Flip Jump Throughs

Accessory Work:
1000m Row for time

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