The workout for 6/3/17 is...                                       

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 05 Jun, 2017

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The workout for 6/5 is...

It's retest week! And it's also Tillie's final blog post. When you see her at the gym, tell her how much you enjoyed following her journey!

Benchmark #1: CrossFit Total II
15 minutes to find a 1RM for each:
- Clean (Power or Squat)
- Bench Press
- Overhead Squat
Your score is your TOTAL of all 3. But record each number separately as well. Once the 15 minutes is up, you must move on to the next lift.
Record these numbers in Beyond the Whiteboard as you'll need to reference them throughout the cycle!

Accessory Work:
- Tabata: Hold Push Up 1" off ground. If this is too challenging, do a reverse tabata (work 10s, rest 20s)

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