The workout for 7/27/17 is...                                     

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 27 Jul, 2017

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The workout for 7/27 is...


Minute 1. 4-8 Strict HSPU (working for 30s) as long as form is maintained. Choose most challenging mod: piked push ups, half # reps negatives, kipping with 1 ab mat
Minute 2. 8 Back Squats (165/115) or 45% 1RM Back Squat from the rack
Minute 3. 40s Plank Hold on elbows
Minute 4. 20 Thick Jump Rope Single Jumps
Minute 5. 10 Renegade Rows (light to moderate DB weight) R/L = 1

Focus on every section should be on quality. There is no score today!

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