The workout for 8/10/16 is...                                      

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 10 Aug, 2016

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The workout for 8/10 is...

Bring a Friend Week! All CrossFit Group Classes, Yoga and Run Club are free! No previous CrossFit experience required. RSPV to highly recommended.

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Partner Farmer's Carries: 800m Total, switching every 200m, relay style. Partner A completes 200m, hands off to Partner B to complete 200m. Repeat once for a total of 800m. (53/35) One KB in each hand. Mods include: using dumbbells, no weight or a pinch plate carry.

For time:
- V Ups
- Pull Ups (mod: ring rows)
- Hang Squat Snatch (75/55) (mod: goblet squats)

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