The workout for 8/9/16 is...                                        

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 09 Aug, 2016

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The workout for 8/9 is...

Bring a Friend Week! All CrossFit Group Classes, Yoga and Run Club are free! No previous CrossFit experience required. RSPV to highly recommended.

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Tabata: Bottom to Bottom Air Squats: Working during the 20s and holding just below parallel (no slouching/arms resting on knees, etc.) during 10s "rest." Score is the lowest number in any given round. So, if on round 1 you get 14 and on round 8 you get 4, your score is 4.

Rest 1 minute then

3 minutes of planking. Can move from front to side to back, etc. as long as you're maintaining some sort of plank the entire 3 minutes without coming down. May mod to knees.

4 Rounds for total reps, switching stations every minute (one number)
- 40s Work, 20s Rest/Transition
1. Deadlifts @ 70% 3RM Back Squat (mod: Russian KB swings)
2. Toes to Bar (mod: Ab Mat Sit Ups)
3. Push Ups

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