The workout for 9/14/16 is...                                      

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 14 Sep, 2016

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The workout for 9/14 is...

Our next 8-week Lifting Cycle begins with a 1RM testing week next week and with the program starting on Monday, Sept 25th. We have limited availability, so please make sure you register by emailing if you want a spot! Classes are M/T/W 6:30pm - 8pm and F 5:30pm - 7pm.

3 Rounds for total reps:
- 1 minute Strict Toes to Bar
1 minute rest
- 1 minute Strict Ring Dips or Strict Muscle Ups
1 minute rest
- 1 minute Hollow Rocks
1 minute rest

Rest 3 minutes then:
2 Rounds for Quality:
- 15 Single Leg Deadlifts Right (unweighted or using kettlebell)
- 15 Single Leg Deadlifts Left (unweighted or using kettlebell)
- 200m Farmers Carry (choose weight in KBs or DBs which allows you to keep moving/not drop more than 1-2 times)

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