The workout for 9/2/16 is...                                      

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 02 Sep, 2016

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The workout for 9/2 is...

Today's WOD is all about quality of movement for 28 minutes (hello, Bulger!). Pick a number of reps and the appropriate mods to make these challenging, but reps in the first 4 minutes should look the same as reps in the final 4 minutes. If you'd like to advance some of the movements (strict muscle ups, strict HSPU), swap out where appropriate and scale reps for quality.

EMOM 28:
Minute 1: 5-7 Strict Pull Ups (mod: bands or ring rows)
Minute 2: 8-10 GHD Sit Ups (or 12-15 Ab Mat Sit Ups)
Minute 3: 5-7 Strict Ring Dips (mod: 2x bench dips or 1/2 reps negatives)
Minute 4: 8 Alternating Pistols (mod: single leg squats to box/bench)

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