This is not goodbye - just goodbye blogging...for now.

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
I don’t like writing this but I am.

As I continue to transition into my new schedule with work, I find my self unable to make it to DeCO as much as I’d like. I’ve been lucky to attend class maybe 3 times weekly but more realistically once weekly or not at all. This is a huge source of stress on my life, not working out!. The honest truth is, I can’t blog about crossfit if I can’t wod.

My job is requiring long days with shift hours that are not currently conducive to attending class regularly. I will still make every attempt to get to class to wod with everyone but the bottom line is, now isn’t my time for blogging.

And this sucks. I feel defeated. But my career is my priority now. I’ve dedicated my life to improve the lives of our best friend pets. Once I’m fully trained at my new job, hours are possibly modified and my stress level decreases, I hope to be back at it, 4­5 times a week like I used to be...Embracing the love of the DeCO family.

Mondays wod was a sore reminder of what 2 weeks off and holiday food will do to your stamina. Holy wow! But the whole30 is under way and I’m truly excited so many people are partaking!! Here’s how you will feel in 10 days...

Just kidding! You’ll feel amazing!!!

So for now my friends, if you wanna follow my journey, you’ll just have to ask me...thanks for the opportunity Leslie and everyone at DeCO. My time will come!!

But I did get new shoes, custom designed by David! So next time I see you, let’s do work!!
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