Tillie's Back!  #13

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 22 Feb, 2017

Round seven of Whole30 is officially over! Here are the headlines:

I lost 10 pounds

I had several completely back pain-free days

I got more comfortable with speedy and easy recipes

My skin still looks terrible and I constantly look more tired than I feel

Aside from some tweaks here and there, W30 plus RP is actually super easy, and pretty enjoyable

That 10 pound loss puts me closer to one of my resolutions! Hooray! Everything else is still coming along nicely too. Except the smoky eye. But I have tickets to Lady Gaga in December, so that’s some more motivation to know what I’m doing with my eyes before 2018.

Here are some things to keep on your radar for this week:

The Open starts this week! If you missed it, I posted a clue for 17.1 dessert on my Facebook and Instagram page. If you don’t already, follow me! @treatsbytillie

Come do the Open workout with all the cool kids on Friday Night! RSVP on Facebook here  

DeCO is having an Open House on Saturday! Come hang out with everyone and see if you can beat me at the Max Handstand Hold contest ;)

Voting for the Denver A-List is up! If you haven’t already, vote for CrossFit DeCO as Top CrossFit in Denver here!

That’s all for now, friends! Do something great today!

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