Tillie's Back!  #14

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 28 Feb, 2017

Every so often I stumble across an article, quote, blog post, or picture that really sticks with me. I recently came across one such post and decided that this week I will let someone else do the talking for me.

Check this out. There is also a similar video posted alongside this post on crossfitdeco.com, if you just want to listen instead of read. It’s not anything new, but that doesn’t make it any less meaningful.

So, what is your 4am? What are the intentional choices that you make consistently to make yourself stand out above the rest? What is your story and why is it important? I think that post stood out to me so much because I’m not sure if I could pinpoint what I am doing to get better. I feel kind of all over the place and chaotic these days. I know I am moving, but with what purpose? I need to find a more specific focus or two and really hit it hard. So I’m going to do that. What about you?

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