Tillie's Back!  #15

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 06 Mar, 2017

We’re almost halfway through Open season! I am having such a blast hanging out with you guys and still being a part of the hubbub, but I do miss working out in the mix with you. There have been so many moments already that have been so inspirational and fun to be a part of. Isn’t Open season magical?

Lisa got her first bar muscle-up on Friday night as a part of 17.2. Check out the picture! I think the caption really says it all, and speaks directly (yet again) to our awesome community at DeCO. After you admire Lisa up there on the bar, check out everyone around her. There is so much pure joy in that room for her and it was much deserved. Congrats, Lisa!
If you follow any of the CrossFit pages on social media, chances are your weekend is littered with Open videos, pictures, successes, etc.

Today I came across a video that I have watched several times because it is completely amazing. The video is of an adaptive athlete named Savannah Mitcham completing 17.2. Check it out. In less than a minute I promise that something about you will change. For me, there were so many things about this that stood out. Her bravery, honesty, strength (both physically and mentally), and desire to improve are such a huge motivation. “I kept falling and kept falling, but I had to get back up.” What?! Amazing. Keep Savannah in mind today and see what happens. If you’re facing a challenge and keep falling, just get back up.

Next time you’re in the gym, do that extra rep, spend that extra minute working your weakness, or spread kindness to someone you don’t usually chat with. It will make you and everyone around you feel great.
Open season in magical. Let’s keep the magic going.

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