Tillie's Back!  #24

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 12 May, 2017

Hi friends!

My time here on the DeCO blog is almost up yet again! I thought it would be fun this week to do something like David Letterman used to do on his show and make a top 10 list. Below are my top 10 things I love most about CrossFit and/or DeCO. I think sometimes it’s good to refresh your purpose about why you do the things you do, especially if you’re feeling like you’re in a rut. ☺

10. Handstands

9. Andrew’s 10 second countdown scream

8. That super-fine Thursday night (from 5:45-6:30) yoga teacher

7. Split jerks (even better if they’re nerks)

6. Precious’ musical selection


4. The alley

3. Coach Colleen. When you have an entire cycle of Oly alone with exclusively Colleen, you tend to form a bond. #sorrynotsorry
2. Saturday morning endurance WODs

1. The entire DeCO community, with a special shout out to the Back Room Bitches. Without all of you, I would be a lost little Millennial, but instead I have the best support system and the best friends in the entire world.

What do you have in your top 10? Let me know!

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