Tillie's Back!  #25

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 18 May, 2017

It’s May 16 th . Do you know what that means? It means that in two weeks, it’s time for “Murph.” I was very much reminded of this little gem this morning when we did “Wes”. There really is nothing quite like some sort of cardio to completely gas you before you do a million rounds of something and ending with the same cardio activity. Holy moly. If you’re relatively new to CrossFit, or don’t CrossFit at all, check “Murph” out here .

The first time I did “Murph” just so happened to be back when benchmarks were tested at the beginning of the month and retested at the end. Each month had a single different focus rather than taking a longer period of time and having several areas to measure. That year, “Murph” was our benchmark. Not only did I do it initially and at the end of the month, but I also did it in the middle of the month during open gym. That, my friends, is craziness. I think this was in the midst of my peaking frustration with running, and I was also working toward a goal of running a mile in under 12:00, so maybe I was just super extra motivated. I remember that during that middle test I met my goal on my first mile, and I was so happy that I didn’t care about doing the million other things before heading out to run again. Yay for meeting goals!

“Murph” was programmed as part of the 2015 CrossFit Games, and it was both amazing painful to watch. Several athletes took a huge hit because of the heat factor, Kara Webb was taken out of the stadium on a stretcher, and Annie Thorisdottir ended up not finishing the Games because of “Murph.”   It was programmed again last year with a much better outcome. I linked the video to the 2015 Games on the DeCO page, if you’re interested.
I remember being completely overwhelmed by the workout when I first read it. It’s a doozy, and I’m not going to lie… I have only done the whole workout (far from RX) once, but I think I plan on doing some version of it again this year. Getting in touch with being ok with modifications over the past year makes me feel like I could play around with some version of “Murph” to do with everyone else on Memorial Day
Partner? Different movements? Different rep scheme? What will you do? Hope to see you on Memorial Day!  

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