Tillie's Back!  #4

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 19 Dec, 2016

Guys. The DeCO holiday party was Saturday night. If your Sunday was anything like mine, you showered twice and changed out of pajamas into pajamas. Quick shout-out to Drunk Tillie for leaving hungover Tillie a bubble water, some ibuprofen, and a sleeve of saltine crackers on the nightstand for Sunday morning. Extra props for somehow finding a sleeve of saltine crackers that I had no idea I had.

What a fun night! It’s always so great to be social with your gym friends while at the same time making new gym friends. I met a new friend, Eric, who recognized me from the DeCO Blog Videos! I felt so internet famous, but he said we could hold off on the autograph. Thanks for my 15 seconds of fame, Eric! I also got to mingle with people I never see because we’re never at the gym at the same time, and chat with people I only know through Facebook. All-in-all, I’d say it was a very successful evening.

I wrote a little bit about the great community that is DeCO last week, and this week I want to recognize a subgroup of that community that has become more like family to me that workout buddies. I was chatting with Elysia during the party about how great it is that all of us are such good friends, but how each class is even closer to each other. I absolutely, whole-heartedly agree. I used to be a pretty exclusive 4:30er, and those people were my people. Since I made the switch to mornings about a year ago, I have really come to love my fellow 5:30ers. So much. You guys are seriously the best group of people to wake up to/with.

Within that group, I’ve found my family. My #squad. My ride or die best friends (even though we probably won’t die, and we’ll definitely stop for a snack on the way). You probably know my now that I’m talking about the Back Room Bitches - Carla, Jess, and Julie. You probably know us from our resting bitch faces, flawless group pictures, and matching tops, but obviously the Back Room Bitches are so much more than that. Carla, Jess, and Julie are some of the strongest, kindest, most intense, most badass people I know, and I am so unbelievably grateful to call them my friends. I get kind of a weird Captain Planet or Care Bear Stare feeling when we’re all together. Like we could conquer the world and stand there unscathed afterward wondering what was next. Seriously, if you don’t know these amazing women, you should get to know them at least a little bit.

Bitches, thank you for being there and for always making me want to be and do better. I really don’t know what I would do without you. <3

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