Tillie's Back!  #5 

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 26 Dec, 2016

Friends, let’s talk about goals. It’s finally the last week of 2016, so I’m sure you have been thinking about some goals or resolutions for yourself, even if the goal is to not have goals. This past year was definitely a weird one at best, and I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to do better in 2017. Really, why wait until Sunday to start? Let’s start today! What do you think?

Here are my five goals for the next year:

Be consistent. Consistent is my word for 2017. I’m gonna write it down and put it everywhere so I am consistently reminded of it every day. See what I did there? I think I’m killin’ it so far. I thrive off of a schedule and routine, live for spontaneity, and struggle to find a balance of the two. Things I can be consistent with in 2017 include getting back to an exercise routine, my meals and diet, and my approach to my job. My nanny kiddos are essentially 5 ½ and basically 3, and they also thrive off of consistency. I am pretty consistent with them but I know I can do better, and I know that it will be best for all three of us in the long run and help us all be more consistent with other parts of our lives.

Rearrange that last bit of weight and finally get below 200#. I’m not comfortable and happy with my body. There, I said it. Yes, I am happier than I was three years ago because I’ve lost a lot of weight through CrossFit, but the picture in my head doesn’t match what I see in the mirror. I said rearrange instead of lose for my official goal because I know a big rearrangement is in store for me very soon as I start to come back into the gym from being injured. Bye fat, hi muscle. I’ve missed you. The number on the scale may not move at the rate I wish for it to, but it will move, and my body will change, and then I’ll be able to look for a decent pair of jeans that actually fits without having to worry about specially ordering a size. You hear that, Express? I’m coming for you and those jeans that feel like I’m wearing clouds on my legs.

Journal every day. Whether it’s a bullet list, some paragraphs, or a story, I need to write something every day.

Learn how to do a smoky eye. I’m finally comfortable with concealer and mascara, my two standbys for when I want to “get fancy”, so it’s time to level up. I know there’s a 7-year-old on the internet somewhere that can teach me how to make my eyes look real good.

Put myself out there and practice being vulnerable. I recently went to an event where people got up and told true stories about times in their life when they took a risk. I couldn’t believe what these people had done with their lives; their stories were amazing! I sat there thinking about how the biggest risk I have taken can be compared to cooking a package of shrimp that I took out of the freezer and put in the fridge about a week ago. Jeeze. I’m going to get out of my comfort zone, make some great memories, and have some great stories of my own to tell. I’m not quite ready to commit to a year of “yes” yet, but definitely a year of “probably”.

Goals are one thing but what makes them successful are my action steps, which is what I will write here every week. Some weeks I may talk about each goal, some weeks may be just one, but each week I will share progress on my goals with you. It will definitely keep me accountable and maybe, just maybe, inspire some of you to do the same. This week, my action step is for my first two goals, and I will make it into the gym at least three times. Whether I’m joining a class or just doing my physical therapy work, I will be in DeCO and moving.

Now, friends, how about you? What are your goals? Who do you want to become over the next 12 months? I would love to hear them and help if I can! Comment a goal, shoot me a message, or let’s chat next time we see each other because teamwork makes the dream work. We can all be in this together, even if we’re working toward different goals.
Also, if you didn’t see the video posted with this post, head over to the CrossFit DeCO website ( www.crossfitdeco.com ) , scroll all the way to the bottom, and click on the video on the left. In 2017, I’m going to spread kindness like it’s confetti, and this video was my inspiration. Join me, won’t you?

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