Tillie's Back!  #6

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 04 Jan, 2017

Hi, friends! Sorry for the late post this week. I was definitely a victim of the black hole between Christmas and New Year’s Day that just felt like an eternal Friday. 
Update on last week’s goal of getting to DeCO three times: achieved. I’ve decided to keep that same goal for the rest of January. Three times a week at DeCO and also incorporating Bikram yoga twice a week. I’m thrilled to see what I will be like at the end of the month with this mix of physical activities and adding something new to my routine. 

This month also starts a new journey for myself and a friend of mine. Many of you know that I have my CrossFit L1 certificate, and with that I have been coaching a group of high school girls at the Denver Academy of Torah as part of DeCO’s community outreach. This past semester was my fourth semester with them, and I absolutely love it. They are such a great group of girls and I enjoy every minute that I am with them! One of these girls, who has been with me since I started there, recently approached me about being her personal trainer. I was honored to be asked to do this, and I have decided to take it on and jump in head first. 

Some of you met Tziporah (I call her Tzippy ☺ ) on Monday. She’s great, right?! Consider her DeCO’s newest member of M/F 5:30am class and W 6:30 pm! Rather than being her one-on-one trainer, we’ve decided to tackle this together and act as a motivator for each other. We will be working out side-by-side, pushing and supporting each other the entire way. Of course I will take the time as needed to help Tzippy with her form and correct movement patterns, but we will be working together to get both of us more active and feeling and looking better rather than it being too one-sided. From essentially the first day I met Tzippy, I saw so much of myself in her. We are very much kindred spirits and I am so excited to see where this new fitness journey will take both of us! I am so proud of her for being so dedicated to taking a huge first step toward bettering her health, and I know she will do great things. If you see us in class, say hey!
Happy New Year, friends! Do something great today!

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