Tillie's Back!  #7 

  • By Leslie Friedman
  • 11 Jan, 2017

Hi, friends! 
Thank you all for such a great response for last week’s blog and for being so warm and welcoming to Tzippy. I didn’t think you would be anything else, but still. It is so great to see how our community comes together to welcome the new people and make them feel at home.

One of the first things Tzippy’s dad asked me when I met with him last week was to see my before and after pictures. It took me a while to find, and he still hasn’t seen the “official” ones, but I found them. Really, I’m not at “after” yet; it’s more like before and during. I can’t believe that started almost three years ago! Time flies when you’re lifting weights. I haven’t updated those pictures since my last one was taken in October of 2014, so I’ll do that and post them next week. This week I convinced Tzippy to pose for the same kind of shots that I posed for three years ago. I am thrilled to see her progress, and I know she is too.
We all know there is so much more to being healthy than losing weight, but I don’t think anyone would disagree that it is a good place to start. I had this very conversation with Tzippy’s parents. She is already taking such a huge step and wants to make herself better, so let’s take it one step at a time. I don’t want to overwhelm her with too much all at once. Rather than focusing on being more active, getting more sleep, tracking your food intake, tracking your water intake, taking supplements, and doing homework all at once, why don’t we just start with getting ourselves to the gym? Chances are all the other pieces will fall into place. They did for me! For example, and with it fresh on my mind with the nutrition challenge coming up, when I first started at DeCO, I didn’t change my eating habits very much. I was seeing and feeling the results I wanted for a while, but after a few months I felt ready (and needed to) change what I was putting in my body. It took me quite a while to view food as fuel more than a hobby, but once that clicked I felt better and saw results a lot quicker. It was just something that happened pretty naturally. This is how I’m approaching the journey with Tzippy. 

Even though I will be starting Whole30 on Monday (for the 7th time) and not weighing myself, I still plan to keep my own personal little diary of weekly picture updates. Shameless bathroom mirror selfies. We all see those stories on social media of people who have done the same thing, and over time we can really see a huge transformation. It’s encouraging to do this for yourself and check in occasionally. Sometimes the number on the scale doesn’t budge at all, but your body is still changing. Remember this in about 3 weeks when you’re halfway through the nutrition challenge and are really questioning yourself. You’re doing something great. Keep it up!

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