Tillifinney's Journey - One Month Down!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the lows, the goals, the PRs...she shares it all!

And now...One Month Down!

So is appears as though month one of my fitness journey is complete, and man it flew by! I’ll get to more recent updates from this past week in a bit, but let us first take a look back at the month.

When I started my journey a month ago (on my birthday!) I weighed near 247 pounds. In reality it was probably a little less than that because I was halfway into Whole 30 and was already seeing results, but one of the biggest Whole 30 rules is not to step on the scale for the duration of the program, so I didn’t. Today I’m down to 235, and I feel awesome. Seriously the best I have felt in a long time. I wish I would have measured inches at the beginning because I know that I may not be down a ton of weight, but I have lost a ton of inches. I haven’t had time to go buy new
clothes yet and it’s starting to get to the point that it’s annoying. My jeans are now too big that, even with a belt, they’re the most annoying...all bunched up in weird places and not flattering to my backside in theslightest. Maybe this weekend will be the Old Navy trip weekend for some new pants.

My one month goals were to do 10 double unders and also to run one mile without stopping to walk. As of today (technically three days short of my one month date) I have met half of my goals. I’ll leave you hanging as to which one I have met for just a little longer, because it is my biggest news of the weekly update, and I am just so excited about it!

Both inside and outside of DeCO, I feel so great. I absolutely love my new lifestyle. Of course, and it should go without saying, that I love the attention I am getting because people are noticing a difference. I feel infinitely more confident than I did a month ago, I have more energy to keep up with a consistently busy schedule, and I feel like I am overall a happier person. Well, I’m happier when I have WODs in my schedule on a regular basis. If I skip too many DeCO days in a row for whatever reason, I am not pleasant to be around. I never thought I would be that person to back the studies of all the good chemical reactions that happen after a workout, but here I am. Missing DeCO days affects my overall well­being to the max. I love being at DeCO, or going to DeCO, or even being in the middle of the worst WOD EVER, and when I can’t do at least one of those things, I’m upset. Talking about CrossFit is sometimes an ok replacement, and I am lucky enough to live with two people that will indulge that need on a regular basis. Have you ever wondered what any given day is like in the Smith/Van Devender/Maxwell household? I know you have. Well, stay tuned friends. I will walk you through that in a blog coming soon. You will immediately feel better about your life, because there is no way your nerd level is even comparable to ours. Except Carla Aguilar. You may come close, but in the best way.

And now, the moment you have been waiting for. The biggest news of the week. Probably some of the biggest news in my life in a while. Drumroll please! Seriously. Tap your fingers on your desk or roll your tongue or something...It’s anti­climactic without it.

Ready? Let’s try that drumroll one more time. Perfect.

I ran a mile without stopping. Actually, I ran two miles without stopping. Not two continuous miles, but the fact that they were the bookend miles for “ Murph ” is something that I am so immensely proud of. My first mile was done in 12:04 and my second one happened a little slower in 14:18. But I did it. Even better? My knee felt AWESOME the whole time! I dubbed last week as Kneehabilitation Week, so I was only at DeCO last Wednesday. I had to get back on the horse after my bummer week and post last week, so I did, then took the rest of the week to be diligent on kneehab. Sunday was the day I had set aside to “Murph”, so I restarted my mental prep on about Friday. At that point, and even up to Sunday morning, I was sure that I was going to row one of the miles and run the other one. It was awesome to surprise myself with that one.

Let me just take a detour for a second with a new paragraph and shout out to Rachel and Lauren. They deserve way more than a paragraph, and they’ll get it, but these two ladies are my rock. They are so supportive, even to the point where they heard I was going to “Murph” and decided to join me. They “Murph”’d twice last week just for supportive reasons. They are the best. Ever. Thank you, ladies. From the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, back to Sunday. It should also be noted that the two miles the three of us ran were in the snow, and the block was so full of puddles. Maybe the coldness motivated me a little more, or maybe my body was just finally ready, who knows? But I did it. I did miss my extracurricular friends in the alley. Usually they do a pretty good job of motivating me to get the hell out of the alley, but this time I did it all on my own. Fantastic.

I did the full “Murph” in 58:18. I don’t think it’s too shabby. I’m looking forward to improving my time by the end of the month. Rachel and Lauren improved their time by about 5 minutes in just a few short days, so in two weeks we’ll probably finish right around 15:00. Just kidding. That’ll be Sarah’s time.

Below is picture representation of my Sunday. I want to frame these. Is that weird?
There. Now you can see all my goals, too. So, next goal progress will be reported on or near July 16th. I’m going to add one to that. Lauren is going to be doing the Rugged Maniac in late July, and I am still undecided as to whether I’m going to join her. Part of her training regimen is to run a 5K or three between now and then, and I fully intend on joining her for those. So I’ll throw “Run a 5K” up there under July 16th, in addition to shortening my time for my unstoppable mile. Until it happens though, I am whole­heartedly devoting myself to my 10 double unders. I am so
close, I just need to be more consistent. So jump rope, here I come.

Have a great week, friends. As always, thank you for all your support and awesome words of encouragement. Remember to do something great today. I will if you will!

Check out my progress in just FOUR weeks!
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