Tillifinney's Journey...Week 10!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the lows, the goals, the PRs...she shares it all!

And now...Week 10!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Rachel, Lauren, and I just got back to town from a few days visiting Rachel’s family in Phoenix! My DeCO shirt went with me, and we took a picture at the Grand Canyon. Again, I swear it’s my DeCO shirt. I need a bolder one. Really, I do. Together with Rachel, Lauren, and my DeCO shirt, we will see some seriously awesome sights and document them in some seriously awesome ways.
I haven’t been at DeCO since last week’s post, and I’ll tell you what, I am going crazy. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! Stay tuned next week for the two month update and pictures!

Since I don’t have any progress to report, I’m going to give you (my beautiful readers, both from DeCO and not from DeCO) a project. Something that tends to go hand­in­hand with kick­ass workout is kick­ass music. I swear that the stations that are bumpin’ during WODs at DeCO read my mind and almost always play exactly what I want to hear, especially when Haven decides to pull up some Disney hits. Here is my project: I want to create the ultimate workout playlist. So, lovely readers, what is the song that gets you pumped? If you are near death in the last two to four minutes of your exercise routine, what song will give you your second wind? I’ll start. On that faithful first CrossFit Saturday, I thought I was going to die during partner planks. Then, like an angel from above, David Guetta and Nicki Minaj dropped some sick beats with Turn Me On. I sang, I planked, I conquered.

So friends, take a minute or two and comment here on the blog, on the Facebook page, on the Facebook post, in a personal Facebook message, in a text, in an email, in WHATEVER and tell me your fav workout jams! Hopefully this playlist will be epic enough to be featured during a DeCO WOD in the near future... but I can’t do it alone! Help me, friends! Ready...GO!

Remember to do something great today! I will if you will.
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