Tillifinney's Journey...Week 22!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the  lows, the goals, the PRs...she shares it all!

And now...Week 22!

Hi, friends!

I find myself on this Tuesday evening with not much to say... Really just because I’m working towards my final goals and haven’t had much to report yet!

Rachel and Lauren helped me through my little block tonight by giving me some starters. Enjoy!

1) September Benchmark – The three of us did Nancy on Sunday during open gym, and did it without a time cap just for fun. As you are aware, running and squats were what sent me into my meltdown a couple weeks ago, so I was nervous for this one. That being said, all three of us finished in just about 28 minutes, and finished at four rounds or four plus some within the 20 minute cap. This is exciting to me for a few reasons:

  • I kept up, mostly, with Rachel and Lauren.
  • I didn’t break down.
  • I ran my fastest 400 yet!

I’m looking forward to improving by the end of the month. I know I can get my running pace up at least a few seconds and get a couple more inches in squat depth, but I’m really going to focus on getting right from the run to the bar and right from the bar to the run. My “rest time” was way too plentiful.

2) Tell a joke!


Why did the skeleton go to the party alone?

He had no body to go with him!

*ba dum chhhhhh*

3) Read a CrossFit article.

Done! While watching all you Monday 4:30 beasts do toes to bar, we had a discussion about kipping. The three of us don’t quite understand it yet, and we don’t know if we should understand it or not. We’ve heard Leslie say several times to several people that you aren’t allowed to kip things until you can do strict things, which got us wondering why that is.

I took a glance at this article as well as this one and learned a few things!
  • Our coaches know what they’re talking about
  • Supermans and hollow rock holds aren’t just for torture!
  • Kipping makes more sense! I know what to practice and more importantly I know not to rush the process and let it happen

4) Utilize some good ol’ sentence frames.

As you know, Rachel, Lauren, and I are teachers. We know how to scaffold when necessary, and so Lauren felt it necessary to grab my computer and type the following sentence frames for me which I will now answer.

I thought it washard when.....

I thought it was hard when I thought Monday’s WOD was over and really I had just forgotten about the 20 ring T


I thought it was easy when....

I thought it was easy when the only light wall ball left was a 6 pounder, and I finally nailed some squats.

I thought it was heavy because...

I thought it was heavy because I’m not quite comfortable with snatch grip yet.

My favorite thing is...

My favorite thing is getting to work out and spend time with most of my favorite people in the whole world when I’m at

Do something great today everyone! I will too!
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