Tillifinney's Journey...Week 24!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the lows, the goals, the PRs...she shares it all!

And now...Week 24!

Hi, friends!

The subject for this week’s blog came to me at the tail end of last week, and is something I’ve been thinking about every day in all facets of my life.

I am about six months into my DeCO journey now, and there are a bunch of huge differences with me now compared to that fateful first CrossFit Saturday. Surely you’ve read about most of them, and you have seen a difference both in my physical appearance as well as my processes during a WOD. You’ve read about a plateau I was experiencing, and you’ve read about how I’ve worked to overcome some really tough obstacles.

I feel like now, though, I’m at a point where I’ve stopped doing CrossFit to do CrossFit, and I’ve started doing CrossFit to get better. To be a better me. Initially, and probably for a few months in the beginning, my CrossFit goals had most to do with trying my best while also trying to survive. This meant not having full­depth squats, walking for half of the block at the 10th Ave. side of a 400 or 600m run, and choosing some mods instead of the full movement so as not to get super tired right away.

I’m not too sure when this changed, but these days I am much more focused on completing an hour at DeCO for quality over anything. Sometimes this means that I don’t finish all the rounds for time within the time cap, like the WOD from Monday. Sometimes it means that I only get through 2 or 3 rounds of an AMRAP. But who cares? Now I am pushing myself. Now I am focused on how to improve it all so that I can finish within the time cap and stay on pace with the others in my class. Right now, I’m focusing on my form with everything I do. Usually this means that in the middle of whatever I’m doing I need to walk away for a minute to get out of my head. It is so easy to overthink anything you’re doing in CrossFit because of all of the steps that are involved, and I have found that going after something constantly will usually hurt progress instead of help it. I’m also focusing on decreasing my rest time, particularly when running is involved. Getting back in there and to the next movement as quickly as possible will help my endurance, maybe even help it enough to do an 8:30 Saturday morning endurance WOD someday!

I did a quick search of the interwebs to see if I could find topics similar to this one, and sure enough, I did! This article  on the blog of Crossfit 613 in Canada (eh?!) talks about exactly what has been on my mind. Here is a quote that stands out for me:

“When we enter the gym, we should do so with intention. It is one hour of the day when we can forget all about what is going on in the outside world and focus on what we are trying to accomplish in the gym. We should go through every part of the workout, from the warm up to the cool down, with focus and the intention of doing our best to improve the movement. “

Yes. Spot on.

Now, friends, I’m asking a favor of you. I need you, yes, you, to join me tomorrow night (Thursday Sept. 25th) at 5:30 or thereabouts at The Rio Grande downtown (1525 Blake St., Denver, 80202) for some drinks and our monthly DeCO happy hour. I’m going through a real struggle right now outside of the gym, and I am looking to you, DeCO peeps, for support and friendship because you are a really solid group of people. So come on out, have some drinks, and let’s be friends. If you can’t make it, let’s hang out soon, ok? Send me a FB message or a text and we’ll work something out. J

Thanks for all you do! Yes, you. Do something great today. I will if you will.
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