Tillifinney's Journey - Week 3!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015

Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the lows, the goals, the PRs…she shares it all!  

And now…Week 3!

Are you ready for a game? I’m feeling playful this week. Here’s your job: this entry is going to be thematic. Count up how many times I type “bee’s knees”, total up your score, and check your answer at the end of the post. Watch out for creative uses and good luck!

Thank you all for your feedback based on last week’s post, and to those of you who introduced yourselves to me this week! It is so humbling to know how many of you are supporting my journey. Thank you, seriously. You are all the bee’s knees.

This week was strange. The end of Whole 30 is in sight, which is kind of bittersweet. I feel so good most of the time, but when I don’t feel good, stay out of my way. I’ve had a few moments over this past week where I have just gotten so busy that I forget to eat. Whole 30 Tillie + no food in at least six hours = megabitch. We went to a Rockies game the other weekend and I didn’t eat before the game, which was a huge mistake. On the way home I literally cried because it was going to take me at least 30 minutes to prep something to eat, but I wasn’t going to do something I would regret and eat something not Whole 30 approved. In my fit of food rage, I nearly destroyed my entire life. Who knew that I would be so destructive when I was lacking some nutrients? That day was not the bee’s knees.

I made it into DeCO Monday-Thursday this week, and it felt so good… Until I couldn’t walk normally on Thursday. This b’s knees are getting used to not being sedentary anymore and are causing some weirdness, which leads to all the modifications for my last few WODs. Huge shout-out to Andrew, who split his time on Thursday between coaching the 5:30 class and teaching/leading me through some stretches to make me feel better. I have been stretching the crap out of my lower body and my knees feel better, but still not perfect. It’s frustrating to say the least. I know that my knees are getting stronger – I can feel it – but finding that place between pushing it to work and making sure I don’t hurt it further is difficult. Thanks also to Leslie and Steve, who gave me helpful hints and even more helpful modifications! I’ll tell you what; nothing is more real than Leslie squatting next to you on a rower holding you accountable for your pacing. It’s the most real, and also probably one of the best feelings in the world. I was struggling for a bit but I knew she believed in me, so it was so much easier to believe in myself. Have you ever experienced that feeling? It’s the best. Maybe even the bee’s knees.

On Tuesday, Lauren and I were witness to Heather’s first muscle-up! Get it, Heather! You kick ass! This lead to a couple of interesting conversations between Lauren and I. 1) The power of the mind over the body and 2) how much DeCO is similar to that bar from Cheers. It took Heather a few turns to get up there, but by golly she did it. She got out of her head and up onto those damn rings. She was never not strong enough to do a muscle-up that day. It could have felt that way to her and perhaps to all the amazed spectators, but she could have walked in there that afternoon and hopped right up there. Ok,  maybe not that easily, but her body was ready. I’ve experienced this too in my short time at DeCO. It takes so much more effort to actually get out of your head than it does to actually do work, and that is craziness. Now going back a bit to those amazed spectators… Every single person in DeCO that afternoon was on Heather’s team, cheering for her and hitting her in the face with positive energy. That’s one of the things I love most about DeCO: right when you need it, everyone is there for you. Sometimes, or more like all the time, I wanna go where everybody knows my name and they’re always glad I came. That place is totally DeCO. I realized this week that my happiness level grows exponentially the closer I get to 9th and Santa Fe, especially after a day where my elementary schoolers were going totally nutty. DeCO is the bee’s knees, and I love it.

Friday through Sunday of this week I went on a quick, purposeful trip with two people that mean the world to me, and I had a great time. Check out this picture of us, and look at all the fun we’re having!

I was really nervous to be away from home, where I could control what I ate, as well as away from the gym, where I couldn’t control how close I was to throwing up for an hour once a day. So instead of worry about it, I bought some rotisserie chicken, made some guacamole, packed a cooler, and bought a jump rope. I had a great time. In case you were wondering, here’s how Whole 30 looks on the road in Kansas:

And here is how Whole 30 looks while “tailgating” in front of a St. Louis Cardinal’s game:

I really love guacamole. I’ve eaten it with a spoon over the past month way too many times to count, and I’m not even ashamed.

We took every opportunity we had to talk about or do CrossFit. Check out Lauren! She’s doing a handstand against the St. Louis Arch! I helped her get up there, but she held it all by herself!
I repped DeCO at the Arch, too. I also decided that my DeCO shirt is going to travel with me everywhere I go, so I can rep my favorite place across state lines. I think I need a darker shirt though, because the letters get a little washed out next to Mother Nature.

It really is my DeCO shirt, I swear.

My jump rope never left my purse, so when we had time to kill at the stadium, I did this:

I think I was actually in the middle of a double under! I’m up to four now, with 16 days to add 6 more to meet my goal. It looks like I will meet that goal at any cost, even when it includes taking off your shoes and wearing jeans (that are way too big!) and attempting double unders on a street corner in a major U.S. city. #progress

Now it’s the beginning of a new week, and I am excited for so many things. I’m excited for the overwhelming support I am getting on my journey from my coworkers. Last Friday, we went around as a staff and told each other what we were looking forward to doing over the summer. So many of my coworkers are taking fantastic trips, hanging out with their families, or getting married, and that sounds pretty awesome. When it was my turn, I said I was excited to learn how to do a handstand push-up, and I got the most fun reaction from the crowd, particularly my dear friends Abby and Stephanie. It’s great to be surrounded all day every day by supportive people. Also, my new shoes came! I’m holding off on a picture until I can make a cute pose with Lisa. So Lisa, start thinking of cute shoe poses for next week’s blog! I’m also excited to co-lead Run Club with Carla on Monday. That’s right kids, I have a goal to meet and some of you have a hesitation to face. I won’t be running the entire three miles, and I certainly won’t be doing it fast, so I’ll be the leader of the slower, closer to Run/Walk Club. Come join me on Monday at 5:30, won’t you? It’ll be the bee’s knees!

Hang in there, Whole 30 friends! In just 3 short days, we can finally have that damn slice of pizza, then immediately regret it. In the meantime, remember to do something great today! I will if you will.

PS- How many bee’s knees did you count? 8? Great. Me too.
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