Tillifinney's Journey - Week 6!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the lows, the goals, the PRs...she shares it all!

And now...Week 6!

Happy Wednesday (or third Monday), friends! Some of you may be thinking, “What? It’s only Wednesday (or third Monday). What’s so happy about that”? Well, let me tell you. As you are reading this post right now, I am at least half-way, if not completely done, with my last student contact day of the 2013­2014 school year! This year was my second year of teaching, and wow did it fly by. Really, it did. However today could not have come soon enough. To all my fellow Aurora teacher friends out there, happy summer! To all the other district teacher friends out there, you probably don’t have more than 10 instructional days left, so yay! To all my friends out there with office jobs that don’t get the luxury of a summer break, you get paid way more than we do, so yay! If you fall somewhere between those categories with your career, yay for you too! There, now we all have something to be happy about on Wednesday... or third Monday.

DeCO friends, did you do Monday’s WOD this week? It looked something like this:

*For time:

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
30 Goblet Squats (72/53)
30 Double unders

* Every 2 minutes, stop and do 2 Bar Muscle Ups (or 4 Strict Pull Ups). Start the WOD with the 2 MU/6 Pull ups. Not so bad, right? I enjoyed most of it, until the bar slipped out of my hands after a clean and jerk and caught my knee on the way down. My poor knees can’t win. I’m really happy that I can’t yet clean more than 65# consistently, and that it didn’t happen while I was playing around with finding my one rep max during Strength and Skill. Overall, it could have been much worse. Today there’s a cute little bruise coming in and it’s a little swollen, but it really could have been much worse.

This past week was pretty awesome in the way of WODs. Part of my body was sore literally all week long, and I love that feeling. I was able to make five WODs throughout the week, and I think that is a goal I am going to try and keep consistent for at least a month and then see if I can up it to six. If you would have told me six months ago that I would eventually be doing CrossFit six times a week, I probably wouldn’t have even taken it with any level of seriousness.

But here I am, and I love it.

I’m chipping away at double unders! I am definitely getting more consistent and finding a rhythm (or something) that works best for me. I’m up to five in a row! I bet I could do ten alternating, but I haven’t tried that yet. I’m really hoping to have ten unbroken double unders by June 1st.

In other news, tell me how this sounds – Tillifinney Smith: Urban Homesteader. It’s a working title, but it’s happening! Rachel, Lauren, our friend Beth, and I have been looking for a place that all four of us can call home for a few months now, and we finally found the best house ever. Not only does it have plenty of space for four music teachers to live in harmony, but it is centrally located to all of our schools (Beth in Littleton, Rachel in Wash Park, Lauren in North Denver, and me in Northwest Aurora) and it has an amazing back yard. The entire summer will be spent on our killer deck, around the fire pit, grilling, bouncing or napping on the trampoline, and caring for our chickens. Yes, our new house comes with chickens, and we couldn’t be more excited! That being said, should you need any farm­fresh eggs, just let us know! We don’t move in until late June though, so you’ll have to buy them until then. Also, consider this your invitation to our housewarming/ Fourth of July party. “Formal” invites to follow.

Did you read Leslie’s blog post this week? Go do it now, then come back here. I’ll wait.

No really. Read it. Even if you’re not a DeCO member. Just give that link a little click and then come right back. It’ll
take you less than a minute.

*patiently waiting*

Ok. I’ll pick up where I left off.

That post is essentially why I love DeCO so much. I absolutely call DeCO home – I think I write about that every week. The people there make me happy (my 4:30 friends make me the happiest), driving there makes me happy, the new water thing makes me happy, the wallpaper in the office upstairs makes me happy. DeCO makes me happy. To read a post like that from the owner of the gym is amazing. You don’t get that from the desk clerk at the 24 Hour Fitness that maybe looks up from Candy Crush to greet you. You don’t get that from going to your HOA clubhouse and running on the treadmill. Those people only care about your money, not about you as a person. There is such a sense of family at DeCO that it is really hard to put into words, but all my DeCO friends know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s amazing to share just one tiny part of our big lives with so many people that genuinely care about you as a person. That is probably why I’m geeking out about wanting to actually be friends with so many of you and not just workout buddies. I know I have said something along the lines of, “...so we can be real friends...” to more than one of my DeCO friends because y’all are cool people and I want to see more of you. So, let’s be friends in real life. Join our softball team. Or maybe we can go out for margaritas again soon. I’m a fan of both options.

Speaking of people who genuinely care about you, I’m going to end this week with a huge shout­out to one of the people that means the most to me – my girl, Rachel. DeCO peeps know her, but non­DeCO peeps probably know her a little better. Rachel has been a large part of my life for almost three years now, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support. I know she is my biggest fan because when I am feeling even a little down on myself, she will say and do all the things to remind me of all my successes, even if she is in the middle of a crisis herself. I often take this for granted, but lately I have been more aware of how much of an impact she has on who I am as a person. Rachel is my #1. My biggest fan. And I love her with my whole being. She encourages me, inspires me, and challenges me. She makes me so happy, and has been by my side from day one of this journey. She is going through a journey of her own, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is the best, and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Friends, I challenge you to never lose sight of the people that have helped you get to where you are. For many of us those people are our families or friends of decades, and for others they are people who have only been in your life for a short time but came at exactly the right moment. Rachel is one of those people for me, and I am the most thankful that she is. Because if she weren’t, awesome pictures like this would never happen:
Remember to do something great today. I will if you will!
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