Tillifinney's Journey - Week 9!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Join Tillifinney as we follow her fitness journey over six months, starting on April 16th, 2014. The highs, the lows, the goals, the PRs...she shares it all!

And now...Week 9!

Hi, friends!

How much CrossFit is too much CrossFit? For the first time since joining DeCO, I actually have a predictable schedule which allows potential to be at DeCO seven days a week. This past week I made five days in a row, and the struggle knowing that I probably shouldn’t go today and tomorrow is real. I feel so awesome, unstoppable really, but after yesterday’s WOD I was so exhausted and slept the hardest I’ve slept in a long time. It was awesome. But I think that means I need a rest day.

Next week is monthly update week, so I will save updates for then, because I have a super fun blog to present to you this week. I’m calling it A Day in the Life. Remember a few weeks ago when I told you that I would be documenting a day in the life of the Smith/Van Devender/Maxwell household? Well, it happened this past weekend. So get ready, friends, because I am about to nerd out hard and you are about to feel pretty super about your potentially considerably less nerdy life.

The first thing we do on Saturday mornings is 10am class at DeCO. It’s the centerpiece of our week, really. This past Saturday, we decided it was time to be CrossFit Triplets. That’s right. Carla, Kristi, and Leslie, we see your adorable hardcore headbands and we raise you motivational tank tops.
This particular Saturday was a ball­buster of a WOD, as per usual with Saturday WODs. I felt like I was going to throw up at least seven times, but felt super awesome after it was done! Who cares that I was the last one to finish? I finished. Woo!

The Smith/Van Devender/Maxwell household is in the middle of a Whole30, so after the WOD we needed food ASAP. Good thing DeCO is so close to mmm... COFFEE, which claims to be the first strictly Paleo restaurant in America! We were really inquisitive about the menu choices, making sure that we could indeed eat something Whole30 compliant. I wasn’t hungry, really just couldn’t stand the thought of anything entering my system at all at that moment, but Rachel and Lauren settled with some chicken, hard­boiled eggs, and coffee. We can’t wait to go back to mmm...COFFEE to try some of their delicious Paleo pasteries!
After this stop, we took a trip to Denver Urban Homesteading to inquire about bees. I left my phone in the car, but you should know that I put my name on a list and should hopefully have bees in our backyard soon! I’ll share the honey.

By the time we got home, I decided it was permissible to eat something. Here’s what our fridge looks like at all times during Whole30 with three participants in the same household.
I’ll let the picture of my Saturday lunch speak for itself. #Whole30
After lunch, it was Orange is the New Black time. We’re trying to pace ourselves and not blow through the whole season in one day. Currently we are on episode 6. So far, I think I like it, but I miss Alex.This picture isn’t from Saturday, but sometimes our cat, Bear, likes to act as a sensor for some of the more risqué scenes.
One of the teachers at Rachel’s school is a Denver Roller Doll, so on Saturday evening, we headed over to the Glitterdome (awesome, right?!) to check out our first derby bout. I think roller derby is next on the list of teams to create from DeCO members. Who’s in? Anyway, here we are looking super enthusiastic about taking yet another grainy picture from the front camera of my iPhone 4...
Our action­packed Saturday doesn’t end there, but the pictures do. One of Lauren’s high school buddies had an art show over at Forest Room 5, so we went over to that for a few minutes. Have you ever been to that place? One of the people we were with equated it to a modern yet rustic Casa Bonita. It was so bizarre, but also seemed kind of cool. I might go back there when I can drink alcohol again. Did I hear someone say DeCO Happy Hour? Great idea!

After the art show, we went to work. What? Work? I thought you were teachers! It’s summer break! Yes, we are, but also gluttons for punishment. During the summer I rope in a few folks to play around with the wedding industry for a few extra bucks. When I’m able to keep my head above water and teach at the same time, I also plan events. My mom and I even own our own company! Saturday night we were on the strike crew at Newberry Brothers for a wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens, which is just fancy lingo for saying we swoop in at 11:00pm and clean up all the centerpieces from the table. This wedding wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, so I didn’t document it with a picture, but later in the season I will give you pictures of some totally over­the­top million dollar weddings. The Denver Botanic Gardens has a super cool exhibit opening this weekend with glass sculpture from Dale Chihuly. Take a nice day and go check it out. We got a sneak peek at some of it, and it’s amazing.

Our Saturday actually ended at around 1am on Sunday this week, and we were exhausted. I continued through the weekend to document some things that we do with our lives, just because. This picture below was taken just before Open Gym time on Sunday and is of Lauren and Rachel watching a video of a percussion ensemble. What I couldn’t take a picture of was their totally excited and nerdy conversation about this experience. I’ll just say that sometimes living with two other music teachers is a blessing, and sometimes I just can’t help but make fun of the maxed out nerd level.
Whole30 round two (round one for Lauren and Rachel) has brought some delicious dinners, like the ones pictured below. I am impressed with how my kitchen skills have improved during this round of Whole30. Check out the awesome presentation!
Usually, at the end of an awesome, nerdy day my hair looks something like this. This is how I know my day was an overall success
Don’t you feel better now that you know a typical day in the life of the Smith/Van Devender/Maxwell household? It’spretty nerdy around here between all the music talk and all the CrossFit talk, but I think we have fun. I also think it’s pretty fantastic to be able to share two of my biggest passions with two people that are so close all the time. I don’t think too many people have that in their lives, which is a shame, but makes me appreciate my life a little more.

Until next week! We are off to Phoenix tomorrow through Tuesday, so I won’t be seeing you, but I hope to bring back plenty of blog fuel for the month 2 update! Remember to do something great today. I will if you will
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