We are F-A-M-I-L-Y!

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015
Call it cheesy, call it girly – but I have something to say. When you sign a membership at a gym I call home (yours and mine, of course), you become a part of a family. My family. I feel protective, I feel invested in your health, your happiness and your success. All your coaches do. So, do you think we care that you may never win (or even compete in) a CrossFit competition or train your way to the Games?

Not even for a second.

We care that you come in every day, every other day, 2 times/week and you work your hardest. You are athletes. You are OUR athletes and we are here to push you, support you and celebrate your victories with you because those are our victories, too. Please don’t lose sight of why it is you train at DeCO – we’re the best family around and we coaches will not ever let you forget that.

– Leslie
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