Week 2...seeking some advice...

  • By Eric Evenstad
  • 25 Jul, 2015

It’s Week 2 of Tilliffiney’s Journey…

“Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Let me just start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone for the outpouring of support based on last week’s post. I am flattered by how many of you are following me on my journey and super excited by how many of you are now my friend on Facebook. Not bragging or anything, but I’m pretty funny, and I won’t blow up your news feed with pictures of homeless and abused animals that need help now. So if you like that, we should be friends on the Internet.

This past week was not ideal, aside from it being my birthday. I think all the teachers out there will say a little “Amen!” when I say how hard April sucks. It’s so close to summer (only 18 instructional days left for me!) yet sooooo far away that every day seems like a week. I had all the meetings after school this past week, which led me to not get to DeCO as often as I planned. I wound up going only three times, and was super bummed. I had totally intended on going on Thursday, which would have made it four days, but I ran out of gas and as well as a way to pay for more in Englewood at 5:00. The lovely and very talented Rachel came to my rescue, but it was too late and we had to get to our weekly band rehearsal by 7:00. Bummer.

Something fun that I noticed after Friday’s WOD was the feeling that I didn’t push myself hard enough, which was totally new and definitely uncomfortable. I almost wanted to stick around for the 6:30 class just so I could have another shot at everything with just a little more weight…Almost. I guess Friday was the day that I started to feel more comfortable with my form, and I knew that I could add more weight but I got scared. I think I kind of made up for it with my Monday Strength and Skill though, so I’m feeling way more comfortable. I’m constantly reminding myself that if my brain wants it bad enough, my body will step up and deal. How cool is that?

Missing the Thursday WOD definitely affected my mood in a negative way, but overall this week I felt fantastic. Whole30 is past its halfway point, and I am definitely secure in my “Tiger Blood” stage. I am starting to notice a difference in my body, and the fact that my pants are entirely too big now is almost too exciting for words. I plan on writing an entire post on Whole30 in two weeks, so I won’t put too much here now, but know that DeCO + Whole30 = feeling invincible right now.

My shoes started to fall apart last week, so I did some research and bought some purple and black Reebok Crossfit Nano 3.0’s! They won’t be here until Thursday, but it’s going to be like Christmas morning when they get here. Ever since I confirmed my Amazon order, I have felt cheated by my current shoes, and now I just hate them. I cannot wait for these shoes to arrive, both so I can be more comfortable at the gym and so I Lisa and I can be shoe twinsies! Whoop whoop!

I’ll leave you this week asking for a bit of advice. I’m going out of town on Friday for a whirlwind trip to see a baseball game in St. Louis. I am pretty nervous about feeling prepared to be in a new city while smack in the middle of Whole30, and I don’t want to miss three days in a row of workouts. I am already creating a menu of snacks and meals to take in the car and I booked a hotel with a kitchenette so I can feel happy and secure with making my own food, but I still feel anxious. Do you have any ideas or tips for surviving this trip food-wise or what I can do to not lose three days at DeCO? I would love any and all tips or suggestions!

Until next week, friends. Remember to do something great today! I will if you will.”

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