Our small-group classes provide an encouraging, supportive, fun and safe environment with personalized attention. You know that last rep or last 30 seconds of a REALLY tough workout where you simply want to throw in the towel and walk away? Well, you classmates won’t let you...neither will your coach. Each workout is designed to be performed safely by athletes of ANY level. If you’re a CrossFit newbie and have completed your Fundamentals classes, come on in and join a group class. We offer morning, afternoon and evening class options.
If you’re new to CrossFit (or need a refresher) you’ll be required to attend our six-class Fundamentals program (Mon, Weds, Thurs for 2 consecutive weeks). Through these classes you’ll learn basic movements and technique and how to perform them safely as well as scaling/modification options. Structured like a normal class, you’ll do a warm-up, work a specific skill/technique and then do a WOD which will incorporate what you learned. 

This is not just an educational session – you’ll be getting involved in the community, making new friends and go home knowing you’ve pushed yourself to reach new limits! After all, you’re a CrossFitter now! 

Once you attend all six classes, you may attend any open class you’d like.
Are you looking to take your CrossFit training to the next level? Our Olympic Lifting Class is for you. Hone your technique, build strength and participate in competitions with proficiency (and kick some booty). Open to all members with 6+ months CrossFit/Lifting experience who are ready and willing to commit to attending 3-4 days/week consistently.
Join us every Saturday at 8:30am for a longer, endurance-based WOD/sweat-fest! This will be a coached and scheduled class, but less hands on, so you must be proficient with most/all CrossFit movements. Arrive at 8:15am and warm yourself up to be ready to WOD right at 8:30am. For members only.
Ooooooh we know your muscles are sore! We offer Yoga every week to keep you moving well and get you ready to pick back up those barbells! 
Miss a WOD earlier in the week that looked fun? Want to work on your Double Unders, Lifting Technique, gymnastics skills, etc. in a less-structured environment? Open Gym is two hours for you to work whatever you’d like. A coach is on site, but there is no programmed WOD for the day. 
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